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How do I buy bulk orders (more than 10pcs of any item)?

  • Depending on the item you are ordering, you may be able to order up to 10pcs through the regular order process. More than that you need to fill in the message form in our Contact page here. Please enter as much information as possible and we will reply with a price quotation as soon as possible.
  • Copies of orders up to 10 pcs designed through the editor can only contain one image. If you wish to make a bulk order using a number of different designs for one kind of item, please send us the order using the form in Contact page.

How do I obtain a discount for bulk orders?

  • Once you send us a message for bulk orders, a price discount is immediately considered and will be in the quotation sent to you.

How long will it take to complete and ship my bulk order?

  • For bulk orders we usually ask 4-5 days for completion and 2 weeks maximum for shipping. If there is a possibility that your order can be completed and shipped earlier, you will be informed via email.

Where do I enter my voucher/discount code?

  • There are fields for entering your voucher/discount codes in the check-out page

Can I use more than one voucher for my purchase?

  • Our website will only accept one voucher per transaction.

Can I use my voucher for the shipping cost?

  • Vouchers, unless stated, only apply to the product. Shipping rates will apply as per your shipping address. You may refer to the Terms and Conditions on your voucher for clarification.

The website is telling me my voucher code is not valid. What do I do?

  • Refer to the Checklist here:
    1. Make sure you are on the correct site to edit your book or custom item.
    2. If you have obtained your code online, it's better to copy and paste as O's and 0's can be mistaken for each other.
    3. Check the expiration date of the promo.
    4. Make sure you are creating the correct item. Promos may be product-specific such as certain album size; or applying to only one particular item (e.g. phone cover or mug, etc.)
    5. Make sure that you have typed in the code with no extra spaces. In the event that you had entered the code, but had to cancel the order, kindly wait one hour before attempting to use the code again. If you are still unable to use the code, kindly contact us either on the website chat or by email.

How large should my photos be?

  • For best results, you should use images that are 300dpi. You can use photos with lower resolution (72dpi, 240dpi, etc.) but we cannot promise the best print output.

How long will my saved projects be available?

  • You will receive a notice in your email about schedules for deletion of projects and how you can save them for further editing or additional printing.

The Online Creator crashed. What can I do?

  • It's best to make sure that your internet speed is good and that you are not uploading too many images at once. If you are experiencing other issues, your feedback would be most welcome as we want to create a smooth and easy experience for all our

What's better for my Photo Book? Lay-Flat or Flush-mount?

  • Your choice between Lay-Flat and flush-mount would depend on a couple of things:
    1. The look you want. If you want a more classic look for your album, you can go for the flush-mount which has thicker sheets. If you want a more modern, magazine-style look, the Lay-Flat is for you.
    2. Number of photos or number of pages you want. Flush-mount albums can have a maximum of 30 pages (15 sheets), while Lay-Flat albums can have as many as 100 pages (50 sheets). So if you have a large number of photos, Lay-Flat may be the best option for you.

What is your policy for intellectual property?

  • We take intellectual rights seriously. Whatever you upload onto our servers will be available only for you and will not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form for another client. For further information, you may read our intellectuals property policy here.

There are 'Low Quality Photo' icons on my pictures in the creator

  • When this happens, we recommend switching to a higher quality image or make the picture box smaller. If no higher quality images are available, click on "Preview" to check if the image will look good in the final print. If it will, you can opt to check out with the image currently in the editor.

Can I change from one book product size/style to another?

  • It is possible to select the size in the "Size" option of the products in their respective information pages before clicking "Personalize"
  • Once you are on the editor, you have to go back to the home page to be able to select a different product.

Can I create a photo product with my mobile device / tablet / smartphone?

  • The complete version of our Photobook Creator requires a large monitor or screen, so works well with many tablets. For smaller screens, we have a simplified version of the Creator software, compatible with most touch screen phones

Will the Photobook Creator support text in a different alphabet/language?

  • Yes. Just type out your text with a different program that allows encoding in your preferred language. Copy and paste it into the Creator and it should work. Unfortunately, there is only 1 type of font that can be applied to Chinese text at the moment. Any font selected in the Online Editor will display Chinese text the same style.

I'm done editing and paying. What's next?

  • Once payment is completed, an order number will be assigned to you. Now all you need to do is wait for your order to be processed. Our system automatically forwards your files into our servers.

Can two of my projects be open at one time with the Photobook Creator?

  • This is possible in a different tab. Please take note that you cannot copy an element/image/text from one project to another in this case.

My laptop battery ran out and it shut down while I was editing my project. Do I have to start over?

  • In the event that your browser closed by accident or your computer shut down before finishing your project. Our system does have an auto-save feature, just click on the My Account link on the navigation menu of our website and you will be able to login with your information and retrieve the previous project from your account.

What payment methods are available?

  • You can pay for your Print Online order online while you checkout from the creator. You can pay for your order with a credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Discover); by Paypal; or a purchase order (PO) (applies to retail and bulk orders by large institutions, such as schools or government agencies). Choose your payment method during checkout.
    For payment by PO, kindly confirm your order with an advance payment of 50%. When invoiced for a PO, you may pay by cheque or credit or debit card.

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